customer's voice

23 October. 2017  Mr. F (Itaria Nihon Token Kyokai)
Thanks for a such wonderfull piece of Japan history and an interesting piece of study of its smithing school.
It is everything perfect as usually. Super fast ship, super carefully done package, and super clear communications.
It is important understand that some minor "defects" are not real defects, but plus of traditional swordmaking and other "defects" are nithing more than plus of the time flow.
I promise to respect this token and to mantain it to next keeper in better way i can.
Hope to have other deal with You in near future!

13 October. 2017  Mr. S (USA)
I just received the Naokatsu Tanto. I like it very much. i hope to deal with you in the future.
Best regards,

12 October. 2017  Mr. R (USA)
I received the Yari and the Koshirae and am very happy!
Now I am starting to save some money again to buy another Japanese sword.
I am looking for a Nagamaki with an ubu nakago, not a nagamaki-naoshi.
If you know someone that has one for sale for a reasonable price please let me know.
I will be watching the E-Sword website. Thank you again, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
I look forward to another successful business transaction with you. Have a good day sir,

3 July. 2017  Mr. R (USA)
I received the Yari and the Koshirae in very good condition!

I am very happy with the product and the service!
I am interested in buying another Omi Yari that is from the Koto era and has a nagasa (spear blade length) of 74 cm or longer.
I can afford the price of up to $4000.00 US dollars. I see you have another Omi Yari for the price of 750,000 Japanese yen.
I can not afford that price but should one become available in my price range I will be interested in purchasing it.

Thank you very much, and have a good day.

11 April. 2017  Mr. M (New Zealand)
Hope all is well with you.
Both courier parcels have arrived.
The Naginata is in lovely condition, thank you for such fantastic service and products.
It is a great pleasure dealing with you. And I look forward to my next purchase.
Again thank you very much.

Very kindest regards